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How Technology Is Benefiting The NBA

Whether you love it or loathe it, technology is here to stay and is enriching every industry, every business, and every consumer in some aspect. The NBA regular season kicked off last week and if you are tuning in, you will see how technology is contributing to the game.

The use of augmented reality is apparent this season. According to a CNET article, a new app called NBA AR Basketball allows fans watching the games from home to enjoy an AR experience featuring 360 Portals, giving them a glimpse into pregame, postgame, and warmup moments from the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals. This is a great way to ensure that fans never feel left out, even when they are unable to attend the games. The app is available for IOS and Android devices.

To activate the portal, you must scan the floor and tap the place where you want it to appear. The app then prompts you to walk through the doorway into the action, as the portal stands behind you while you enjoy the full 360 experience. According to Michael Allen, senior vice president of digital products and emerging technology at the NBA, these types of experiences are in high demand. As a result, fans could possibly gain even more access as the league continues experimenting with different ideas.


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