Exploring Succeeding as a Family Business with Rodrigo and Guilherme Stefanini

Exploring Succeeding As A Family Business With Rodrigo And Guilherme Stefanini

Stefanini’s approach to supporting clients in realizing their business goals is shaped by its belief in the importance of co-creation, collaboration and strong, long-term partnerships.

Also key is Stefanini’s focus on family. This is demonstrated by Stefanini’s tight-knit teams working closely together and supporting each other across the globe. In a more literal sense, this family focus involves founder Marco Stefanini’s wife, Graca, and sons, Guilherme and Rodrigo, playing an active role in the business.

It’s through this family approach and commitment to deep partnerships that Stefanini delivers powerful results for businesses, supporting their transformation goals and building their resilience to ensure they gain an invaluable competitive advantage.

We recently caught up with Guilherme and Rodrigo to discuss the importance of organizational culture, what a family business offers clients and the future of Stefanini.

The Power of Culture

Stefanini’s ethos establishes a way of working that delivers an improved experience for clients and employees.

While a commitment to collaboration and delivering results self-evidently benefits clients, it is also an important part of the appeal of working for Stefanini, explains Rodrigo. “Our teams are motivated by the deep satisfaction offered by seeing their efforts deliver transformative results. Working at a company that is 100% committed to building strong relationships that deliver long-term success is a real win-win for our employees and our clients,” says Rodrigo.

This focus on results and relationships is also complemented by a belief in offering employees freedom, according to Guilherme. “There’s real flexibility at Stefanini – we can become entrepreneurs within the business and develop new offerings within the group that we believe can make a significant impact to our clients. It’s another way in which our culture simultaneously offers an improved experience for both employees and clients alike,” says Guilherme.

The Importance of Family

Stefanini’s family approach also helps ensure clients benefit from a superior service by guaranteeing total commitment, according to Rodrigo: “When you share a name with your company, it can feel like there is no plan B. One of the advantages this offers clients is that we are truly committed to delivering on what is agreed – and we will be relentless in enabling our clients to harness the power of technology to realize their goals.”

This family approach also influences the style of leadership on display and the nature of how the company interacts with clients, explains Guilherme: “A family business tends to produce a style of leadership in which the owners are much more connected to customers than traditional corporate structures. We’re also more agile and less bureaucratic, which means we can very rapidly tailor our offering to clients’ goals or a changing business landscape.”

A Future focused on Innovation

Remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to harnessing the power of the latest innovations is also central to Stefanini’s way of operating, with this commitment set to shape Stefanini’s future, according to Rodrigo.

Our future will be determined by helping clients achieve their objectives, with a focus on technology and strategy to deliver powerful transformation. There’s no doubt that there will be new technologies and ways of working in the future, so we will remain at the forefront of these new innovations in order to provide our clients with a crucial competitive advantage,” explains Rodrigo.

“By being first when it comes to making effective use of new innovations, our future will involve delivering transformative results for clients through the power of co-creation,” concludes Rodrigo.

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