We Have Emerged As A Major Contender In Everest Group’s Digital Workplace Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2019

We have emerged as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Digital Workplace Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix evaluates global service providers, locations, and products and solutions within the market, giving organizations around the world the insights they need to select the best service provider. The PEAK Matrix also helps companies measure their offerings against their competitors.

To qualify for the PEAK Matrix, 22 digital workplace service providers, including Stefanini, were evaluated based on several different factors: vision, capabilities/functionality, talent availability, market success/impact, and cost.

“It’s incredible to see our company progress as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Digital Workplace Services PEAK Matrix,” said Carla Ferber, marketing vice president at Stefanini NA. “We’re fully dedicated to the digital transformation and will continue delivering innovative workplace solutions to our clients.”

We are continuously improving and focusing on customer experiences, while initiating, maintaining and sustaining workplace transformation. Our services range from end-user computing, enterprise, customer experience, and infrastructure.

Omni-Channel Virtual Assistant, Sophie  

Sophie, our omni-channel virtual assistant, supports 80 clients in various business segments. In addition, Sophie assists 650,000 users in over 60 languages, completing around 26,500 interactions each month.

“Sophie learns at a faster pace and can be implemented in a shorter period of time than any other tool in the market, and she was designed for complex, high-demand environments. Sophie thinks using the symbolic process, which leads to a faster learning process, as well as better conversational skills and user comprehension,” said Fabio Caversan, AI research and development director at Stefanini NA and one of the creators of Sophie

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