Chat with Marco Stefanini: Discussing an Entrepreneurial Mindset, Episode 2 - Stefanini

Chat With Marco Stefanini: Discussing An Entrepreneurial Mindset, Episode 2

A Chat With Marco Stefanini: Episode 2

Global Footprint

Some people asked me why I began a global company and part of the answer is I love to travel. And travel is, for me, is everything because we can know a lot of different cultures, we can understand the world in different perspective. Today, answer to your question about some other countries that we can open subsidiaries- to be honest, we are much more focused on growing in the country that we are. There are others behind like Western Europe, and even Latin America, we have good opportunities, but North America is, today, our first priority.

Future Plans for Expansion

Some countries that it could be interesting, for example, one- maybe the only- country that is very developed, big, very important economically- that is Japan. Japan is, it is very important, and it is not an easy country. It is very powerful and I think it makes sense that we can open something there in the next, in a maximum of, two years.

Strategy for New Acquisitions

We are very open to a good opportunities. It could be very small companies, very good with a very, what I understand to be, good offer. But, could be also a large company that brings value. Of course the size limits, we have some limit in size because usually the big companies, or midsize companies, or big companies in digital; usually, the cost, the value, the evaluation is too high. Then, for us, is too much risk and we prefer to mitigate the risk buying sometimes three companies instead of one very big, because is only one bet. If we failed, we would have a problem.

Projected Company Growth

I see in the next two years that maybe, we will have at least double of the people, but the number of the people is not more important. The most important is the evaluation, and the value added, that we are bringing to the business. That is our main target. But of course, as we are a technology company, we are a people company, of course we will grow our team. But I understand, I think, a good target is in two years double the company in terms of people, and 3 times in terms of evaluation or size of the company.

The Son of Crisis

I think our, we have many lessons learned from the pandemic at times. The first one is common for any crisis like very strong communication to the team. This is the first one. We tried, since the beginning, to send a message that we work hard to pass through the crisis. [clip] “First of all, we roll through this crisis and exit this crisis much stronger than we entered- this I’m sure.” And I’m very happy that we were successful in this.

The second is, again, see opportunities in the middle of the chaos, or in the middle of the crisis. That, as I said, see half-full glass, and we see a lot of opportunity- like leverage much more our digital solutions, and also integrate much more our team, meaning in the, from the different regions globally.

The third one, that we leverage a lot our digital solutions. We are planting seeds for the last ten years and now, in the last two, three years, we leverage, we grew a lot with the digital solutions. And, last one, that we change a lot the labor market. Now, I like it, to be honest, personally- I like the hybrid model. I think that we can combine to be more efficient, productive in terms of working, and also bring life quality. That is a good combination. Of course we are learning, still learning, about this, about hybrid model. But I understand the word “change”- and I like it.

The Next 5 Years

I think that our main target for the next five years is constantly date our global footprint, our global company. We are very proud to be very multicultural, and we want to be even more. That, I think, is the best way how we can be; first one, sustainable because it is a very consistent company, second, add value to our clients, and also practicing our purpose- co-creating solutions for a better future. We understand that the future, the better future for the world, is to be even more multicultural.

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