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Navigating 2024: Stefanini Ambassadors Share Their Aspirations

A new year marks not just the flipping of the calendar but a collective moment of anticipation, fresh starts and renewed aspirations. Our Stefanini Ambassadors are gearing up for an exciting year filled with growth, learning, and a touch of optimism. Each ambassador brings a unique vision and zest for the future, embodying the spirit of a fresh start where intuition is at its strongest, and the possibilities seem boundless. 

Marek Saniternik: Steering Through Change with Team Empowerment 

Marek, our Sr. Site Operations Manager, a navigator in the rapidly changing world of technology, recognizes the multifaceted challenges that leaders face. Amidst changes from blockchain applications to the growing attention on AI and the metaverse, Marek’s 2024 goal is clear – to empower his team to navigate through the technological turbulence effectively. His aim is to ensure they grasp the nuances, leverage technology wisely, and progress on the right path of learning and transformation. Marek’s perspective captures the essence of a new year – a time for channeling attention and action toward the right path of success: “My goal for 2024 is to enable my Team to channel their attention and action towards the right path of learning and transforming, so they can succeed in any conditions.”   

Mihaela Radu: Redesigning the IT Experience with a Human Touch 

Mihaela, End-user Experience Specialist at Stefanini, has her sights set on understanding better the needs and expectations of Stefanini’s end users in 2024. Her goal is to delve deeper, connecting with users and understanding their needs, and crafting IT support experiences that are not just efficient but also creatively simple. Mihaela’s anticipation for the year encapsulates the optimism of a fresh start, where she envisions having the time, resources, and empowerment to design exceptional experiences for customers. “One piece of knowledge that I’m eager to use is my authentic, optimistic approach and creativity.” It’s a testament to the belief that everything is tangible when co-creating with a cheerful spirit. 

Andrei Gavrilă: Mastering Efficiency and Embracing Realistic Goals 

Andrei’s outlook for 2024 is one of excitement and ambition. Having set the stage in 2023, he’s all in for deeper dives into networking security and cybersecurity. As a Cybersecurity Analyst, his mindset revolves around efficiency in all aspects, a common aspiration as we embark on a new year. The cybersecurity world may be ever-changing, but Andrei’s commitment to filling knowledge gaps and setting realistic goals reflects the honesty and pride that come with meaningful accomplishments. It’s a vibrant start to the year where every success is celebrated, and optimism reigns supreme: “I know I’ll feel prouder achieving a few clear goals than trying to do too much and feeling disappointed. In 2024, success for me will be measured by meaningful accomplishments and a sense of pride in reaching well-defined objectives. “

As we weave through the aspirations of Marek, Mihaela, and Andrei, the common thread is the embrace of a new year. It’s a time when intuition is strongest, and mottos like “Everything is Tangible when we co-create” echo through the corridors and online meetings at Stefanini. Here’s to a cheerful and honest journey through 2024!

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