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Powering Productivity And Optimising End-User Experience With Analytics

Are you concerned that technology issues are stunting productivity in your workforce, causing your teams to function less effectively than they might otherwise do? Do your IT systems seem disjointed, disorganised and inconsistent? We believe that IT should solve your productivity problem, not cause it. We can use your data to rapidly diagnose issues inhibiting the easy usage of IT, identify patterns to reshape your business structure and manage workload distribution between teams.

At Stefanini, we’re dedicated to delivering accurate, meaningful insight into how your business is operating. So, we’ve designed innovative tools that unlock and analyse performance metrics, while facilitating faster issue resolution (before the end-user is even aware!), supercharging business productivity. We can help you transform your data into decisions that deliver results.

Identify issues before your end-user is aware and resolve in real-time with Stefanini d3

Our Stefanini d3 tool is an innovative solution that empowers IT teams to diagnose and resolve issues before users are even aware of them. The key here is speed. Our system analyses the gap between ‘normal’ utilisation and behavior that prevents it.

Stefanini d3 collects and analyses performance metrics from endpoint systems, allowing our support teams to quickly react to workplace needs and pinch-points in your technology effectiveness, then provide unprecedented customer support. Capable of monitoring systems in real-time, Stefanini d3 gives our experts extraordinary speed and insight into your business, resulting in faster issue resolution, proactive service approaches – and an excellent end-user experience.

“See all your data through a single pane of glass” – spotting utilisation patterns and problems with Microsoft Power BI

When it comes to game-changing IT solutions, Microsoft shares our data-driven approach. Microsoft Power BI™ is a business analytics tool with self-service intelligence capabilities and stunning visualisations. You can become a master storyteller, able to easily create interactive dashboards and clear reports that offer a consolidated live view of your business, without the need for IT staff or database administrators. Microsoft Power BI™ gathers all your on-premises and cloud information in one central location accessible anytime, anywhere. By collecting data from multiple sources, Microsoft Power BI™ helps pinpoint productivity issues users may be experiencing, such as IT configuration. Technical issues may mean your systems aren’t configured properly, resulting in users being inefficient, which only generates more support calls. If users don’t know how to undertake a task, we need to identify and rectify that. This powerful tool offers insights into patterns not just in IT, but beyond.

Microsoft Power BI™ enhances our own analytics capability. We utilise its advanced data analytics to shape, and reshape, your IT services more effectively. How? We can take any aspect of a company’s data, extract valuable insight into their IT activity and how they’re managing their infrastructure, drill down into technology pain points – and reshape it. For example, we analysed field service tickets to find that 60% could be resolved remotely – reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Assess team efficiency and alleviate workload with Heartbeat

Your team is the lifeblood of your company, which is why we’ve developed Stefanini Heartbeat. This performance management tool identifies the distribution of workload across a team(s), with the aim of improving productivity and employee satisfaction. Stefanini Heartbeat predicts, plans and allocates resources, creating the premise for an optimum balance between employee motivation, performance and output. It improves people behaviours and redesigns the processes that do not comply with customer needs and policies. Moreover, Stefanini Heartbeat identifies top performer characteristics and the talent pool for managerial or specialist positions – without collecting or monitoring confidential, personal data from the monitored computer.

The digital revolution is here. View data as empowering, not overwhelming. And use it to identify technological pain-points in your business, to ensure that productivity is no longer a problem.

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