A Conversation With Cosmin Gligore, Senior Support Engineer, Stefanini EMEA - Stefanini

A Conversation With Cosmin Gligore, Senior Support Engineer, Stefanini EMEA

Cosmin Gligore joined Stefanini as a Support Engineer back in 2015, applying for a role that would give him the opportunity to make use of his German language and IT skills.

He’s since developed his technical skills as his project has evolved, been promoted to Senior Support Engineer, and placed second in Stefanini’s internal ‘Support Engineer of the Quarter’ awards.

We caught up with Cosmin to discuss his experience at Stefanini, including the value of teamwork, why assumptions can be dangerous and why asking questions and getting out of your comfort zone can play an important role in career success.

This is the sixth interview in our series involving our Digital Workplace Services (DWS) colleagues. DWS spans multiple roles and skillsets, with team members able to meet customers’ changing needs. These range from traditional Service Desk and Field Service to modern infrastructure capabilities, including cloud, virtualization, platforms and applications. This series explores the career journeys, best practices and learnings of DWS colleagues across EMEA and showcases what life at Stefanini involves.

Why did you choose to join Stefanini?

I applied for a role at Stefanini because I was looking for a job where I could make use of my German language skills. The fact that the role also allowed me to explore my passion for IT made it even more attractive.

How have you evolved professionally within the company so far?

I started as Support Engineer working with one of Stefanini’s largest clients, which gave me the opportunity to learn and evolve. The fact that we had a great team was crucial to my development, with the supportive environment helping all new employees realize their potential.

I went through all of the training and development stages and was promoted to a Senior Support Engineer, while the project continued to evolve as our client was acquired by another business.

I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given to evolve and adapt and was really proud that this was recognized in 2018, when I was awarded second place for our ‘Support Engineer of the Quarter’ awards, which Stefanini holds to recognize outstanding performance. 

What are the most important things that you have learned here?

One of the most important things I’ve learned here is the value of teamwork. Whether working closely with colleagues or collaborating with clients and partners, it’s teamwork that delivers powerful results.

I’ve also learned you should never assume anything. If something’s unclear, it’s always worth asking some additional questions. Equally, any problem that seems superficially simple might require a bit of extra thought – it’s always worth challenging your own assumptions and considering issues from multiple angles. 

Finally, going the extra mile is really important. Often, what might seem like a small amount of extra effort can actually produce a big end result that clients and colleagues alike will appreciate. 

What are some best practices you have learned and applied in your current role?

A lot of best practices are centered on our beliefs about the way we work. For instance, we’re always mindful that when you’re enthusiastic about the service you provide, you’ll find your customers become enthusiastic advocates for your business.

Equally, quality is more than just a promise, but something demonstrated with genuine performance. Finally, great service depends on the right people, with the right tools and multitasking skills.

What do you like most about working at Stefanini?

I really like the working environment we have in the office. Obviously, things are a bit different at the moment but I’m hoping we’re able to head back into the office soon.

A role at Stefanini is also interesting and challenging. We’re always dealing with new situations and having to learn something new every day, which is really rewarding.

The project I’m involved with has always been really dynamic and I’ve enjoyed the challenge as this evolves and requires the adoption of new procedures and tools.

What advice would you give to a new Stefanini employee?

It’s important to remember that with a supportive team around you, you should always be prepared to ask a lot of questions, which will help you develop and quickly learn the tools you’ll need to use.

What advice would you give to other Stefanini colleagues when it comes to building a success story here?

Building a career takes time, effort and patience. If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, you will succeed.

Want to be our next success story? At Stefanini, we’re always interested in hearing from talented candidates across all levels of experience. You can browse our current EMEA vacancies, here.

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