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Celebrating Women In IT: A Conversation With Simona Przybilla-Weiner

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to spotlight the accomplishments of women in the workplace. 

In honor of this occasion, we had the opportunity to speak with women leaders from across Stefanini’s global network. From juggling the responsibilities of their personal life and their career, to offering advice to women around them, our colleagues shared their experiences and insights on what it takes to succeed in the IT field. 

We had a chat with Simona Przybilla-Weiner, our ITO Presales Director from Romania and found out inspiring insights. Read everything below:

How does it feel to be working in the IT sector as a woman?

Simona Przybilla-Weiner: “I’ve started working in IT 15 years ago, right after graduating from the Polytechnic University, where, despite the fact women were in minority, the gender has never represented a disadvantage for me. In fact, it may have been an advantage, as men tended to regard women who can play in a technical field with more respect.

My professional growth has been facilitated by my technical background, which I tried to nurture as the core of my skillsets. Even when I started advancing in the management hierarchy, I’ve never detached myself from the real hands-on involvement in the technical projects, because I found that, in this highly technical and fast evolving domain, the only way to lead is by example.”

How do you manage to balance your personal life with your career?

Simona Przybilla-Weiner: “The truth is that sometimes I don’t balance well enough and in the pandemic work from home setup, this has become even tougher to accomplish, because there is no space or time to mentally close one field and open the other, the transition has been short-circuited.

As a working mother, I think I do feel more pressure than men to achieve this balance, while also considering the child’s daily routine as well. My solution, which I keep fine-tuning, is to work normal hours during the day synchronizing the calendar with my team, then dedicate my evenings to quality family-time and childcare, and then, if needed, late evenings are for work in peace and quiet.”

What is the most important advice you would give to all women around you?

Simona Przybilla-Weiner: “Be present and attentive, make yourself proud of your work every day; you are competing first and foremost with your own self from yesterday, not with your male or female colleagues.

Simply don’t consider gender as a detractor, unless your chosen field of work is really one that would, for physical reasons, be “reserved” for men. Identify what makes you special as a woman and a human being and build upon that.”

What are the 3 words that best describe you as a woman?

Simona Przybilla-Weiner: “Influential, sharp, and dedicated.”

What does the International Women day mean to you?

Simona Przybilla-Weiner: “Before I became a mom, for me this was a day when I celebrated my own mother.

Now, it is becoming an opportunity for me to celebrate myself and teach my own daughter to treasure who she is and nurture who she can become tomorrow.

Women are gentle creatures who can bring beauty and positive influence into their families; you can test this easily by showing up every day with a smile and a warm hug, then notice how this unites your family. Our strength lies in our ability to influence without physical force, but with our spirit!”

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