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Open Innovation

Orchestrating AI and machine learning automations with business & IT operations, Automation Everywhere gives enterprises the tools to scale efficiency, lower costs, & improve customer satisfaction

Achieving Autonomous Enterprise Functions

Whether attempting to improve quality, eliminate needless manual labor, empower your workforce, or make the most use of IT resources, Automation Anywhere offers a digital framework for enterprise success.  We utilize AI and machine learning to enable data-driven enterprise functions and enable data-driven business decisions.

Our Stefanini Artificial Intelligence (SAI) suite connects you with transparent analytics and data visualization for clarity on monitored processes. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and connected devices work to streamline communications across devices and back-end processes.

These automations serve to reduce operating expenses, improve process performance, and support innovation efforts at scale.

Our Open Innovation Capabilities

Solution Design

Our design package assesses your present circumstance, from industrial equipment, to back office processes, and creates a tailored digital solution.


We tackle complex problems and accelerate solution development by Prototyping new digital tools to define the effective implementation strategies.

Cross Industry Technologies

Accelerate the solution fit process by using technologies successfully applied in other industries


Our experts enable you to identify the most prevalent digitization needs and create step-by-step journeys to make Smart Manufacturing a reality.

Charge ahead of adoption and transformation roadblocks.
Let innovation work for you!

  • Avoid Adoption Roadblocks: Overcome barriers and See the benefits of next-generation industrial technologies.
  • Devise and Enact a Digital Transformation Strategy: Rely on a transformation process that builds upon existing legacy systems while achieving Industry 5.0 capabilities.
  • Implement Sustainable Practices: Flexible manufacturing systems enable your business to implement practices that increase production asset reliability at scale.

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