Stefanini Wins Award at IBM Think 2018 Event in Las Vegas - Stefanini

Stefanini Wins Award At IBM Think 2018 Event In Las Vegas

We received the “IBM Cloud Business Unit Excellence Award: Worldwide IBM Hybrid Cloud Digital Business Automation” at the IBM Think event, which took place March 19–22 in Las Vegas. The event was an opportunity for IBM customers and partners to share experiences and learn new ways to make the business world more efficient with new technologies.

The award was received by Stefanini Scala’s Chief Technology Officer, Filipe Cotait, and Director of New Business, Danielle Franklin. “The award reinforces the partnership we have built with IBM and recognizes our excellence in delivering innovative, high-value-added projects in digital business automation,” says Mr. Cotait.

Currently, Stefanini Scala serves almost 100 percent of IBM’s software portfolio in Brazil. “We have expanded to Mexico, and our expectation is to expand the partnership in other Latin American countries,” affirmed Danielle Franklin.

Stefanini Scala is the result of the merger of VANguard, a Stefanini affiliate specializing in IT governance, security and service management, with Scala IT, one of IBM’s leading software partners. In addition to working with solutions involving IBM Watson, the company has strengthened its performance in cloud services and infrastructure as a service.

“Receiving this award at IBM Think is a great honor for the entire Stefanini Scala team, which foresees great opportunities throughout 2018 with projects that can accelerate the digital transformation of our customers,” said Danielle Franklin.

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