Stefanini Moldova encourages the digital transformation at ICT Career Expo - Stefanini

Stefanini Moldova Encourages The Digital Transformation At ICT Career Expo

IT Career Expo gathered in Chisinau many enthusiasts at the beginning of their careers, interested in the development prospects in the IT field. The Stefanini Moldova team was present at the event, ready to share information about the opportunities present in the company and to guide the enthusiasts to take their first step towards a successful career in IT. The participants were able to interact and establish connections with top employers of the IT industry in the country, motivated by the passion and curiosity about the IT field, a young but fast-developing sector in Moldova.

Stefanini Moldova is specialized in the delivery of IT support and software development, from the center of Chisinau serving e-commerce, health, telecommunications and automotive sectors, for top customers around the world. This diversity of projects in different fields of activity, where IT makes the difference, offers the employer Stefanini a wide portfolio of career opportunities, in addition to standard the role of a developer: technical support specialists, trainers, quality analysts, team leaders, project managers, infrastructure specialists, etc.

As a proof of diversity in the IT field, the Stefanini Moldova team offered the participants a workshop on the Quality Assurance domain, guided by Lidia Perov, QA engineer at Stefanini. The workshop proposed the introduction of participants into a lesser-known IT division, in the specificity of the field and presenting a typical career path for a junior who chooses to develop in the Quality Assurance field. The workshop ended with a small test of knowledge accumulated about the field during the workshop, and for the first, most-attentive participants Stefanini had prepared gifts. With what feelings did the team remain after such an event? “We want once more! We feel that we have a lot of value to offer, we can hardly wait for the next fair!”

Participants in ICT Career Expo sustained a vibrant atmosphere, with much curiosity and joy in the air. The young people had the opportunity to find out more about the technologies and programming languages used the IT companies and the multiple branches that represent the vast IT domain. Professional orientation sessions “unlocked” the opportunities for various career paths, even for the rarely overlooked when it comes to this vast IT domain. The IT sector in Moldova is an entire ecosystem in full expansion based on innovation, development and self-sustain. Institutions that make up IT specialists, associations in the field and organizations that support and promote IT companies make efforts to transform Moldova into a global technology hub.

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