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Collaboration And Security: The Role Of The Right Managed Security Services Provider In A New Cybersecurity Landscape

There’s more to tackling the latest security challenges than simply identifying new and shiny technologies. Instead, a viable security program needs to be developed with reference to people, processes and technologies.

For many businesses, that will mean gaining a proper understanding of what they currently have in place as well as what they are likely to need in the future.

This isn’t always straightforward, which is why digital consulting is often viewed as important part of a Managed Security Services (MSS) providers’ offering. It’s this digital consulting element that enables businesses to understand how to realize security within digital technologies in a way that meets their strategic objectives.

Businesses need to work with true partners, who co-create with them, while assessing their current security posture, where there are gaps and how any partnership can help them progress on their security journey.

Cloud Security Strategy

Cloud security is another increasingly important aspect of how MSS providers can meet businesses’ changing requirements. With organizations moving to the cloud faster than ever before, they need partners able to integrate cloud security across the lifecycle of their engagement, from strategy to implementation.

As a result, providers need to develop flexible cloud models and work within cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google depending on their clients’ needs.

Managed Detection & Response

Move beyond monitoring your organizations attack surface and enhance your security capabilities through the addition of incident analysis and incident response services.

Our skilled Security Operation Center (SOC) Analysts will help mitigate and contain security threats by employing a combination of custom incident response actions based on playbooks and leveraging the existing security technology stack.

With threats becoming increasingly advanced, MSS providers will support clients via an SOC that collects insight from diverse sources, acting as a hub and gathering telemetry across an organization’s IT infrastructure.

In this role, as the correlation point for every event logged within the organization, the SOC must decide how to manage and act on what is being monitored.

In the instance of a cyber incident, responding becomes an organization-wide responsibility. Stakeholders responsible for the response include security analysts, C-suite and boardroom leaders, alongside other business units, such as HR, legal, PR and finance.

For many businesses, an SOC that provides managed detection and response services across the globe at all times is also crucial to a successful response. Many MSS providers will operate a number of SOCs globally as a result, providing a 24/7/365 capability.

The Security Operation Center (SOC) benefits

SOCs have a key role to play in delivering effective security operations and reducing the time it takes to detect and respond to cyber incidents.

Security Operation Centers (SOC) by numbers

  • The productivity of a security operations team typically increases by 80%​ when supported by an SOC
  • Businesses save around 2,000 hours in time spent on annual audits by working with an SOC
  • Almost half (46%) of businesses identify significant security concerns on the first day after their SOC project goes live.

The Vulnerability Operations Center

The CSD Cyber Smart Defence  Vulnerability Operation Center (VOC) is designed to address several challenges related to cybersecurity and vulnerability management. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Identifying vulnerabilities: One of the biggest challenges for organizations is identifying all the vulnerabilities in their systems. With new vulnerabilities being discovered all the time, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. The VOC helps organizations stay up-to-date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities so they can quickly identify and address any potential issues.
  2. Prioritizing vulnerabilities: Once vulnerabilities have been identified, organizations need to prioritize which ones to address first. The VOC can help organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on the severity of the risk they pose, the likelihood of exploitation, and other factors.
  3. Responding to incidents: When a security incident occurs, time is of the essence. Organizations need to respond quickly to contain the breach and prevent further damage. The CSD Cyber Smart Defence (VOC) Vulnerability Operation Center can help organizations respond to incidents quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact on their operations and reputation.
  4. Managing resources: Organizations often have limited resources when it comes to cybersecurity, including personnel and budget. The VOC can help organizations make the most of their resources by prioritizing vulnerabilities, identifying cost-effective solutions, and optimizing processes and workflows.
  5. Staying up-to-date on threats: The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and organizations need to stay up-to-date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities. The VOC can help organizations stay informed about new threats and trends, so they can adjust their cybersecurity strategies accordingly.

Overall, the VOC helps organizations address these challenges and improve their overall cybersecurity posture, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Key functions performed by Stefanini’s Managed Security Event Monitoring

Stefanini’s Managed Security Services (MSS) offer scalable around-the-clock monitoring, detection and response capabilities to help safeguard organizations against security threats.

Succeeding in the new threat landscape

The increase in the number of connected devices, the greater use of public cloud environments and the unprecedented rise in remote working has created a transformed cybersecurity environment.

Businesses now must contend with a greater number of threats with the potential to cause greater harm. The good news is that the cybersecurity sector has a long history of evolving in the face of new challenges.

At Stefanini, we have shown that acting as a truly collaborative partner and providing a global SOC network is key to helping business succeed in the new landscape. Get in touch to discuss how our MSS offering could help defend your business 24/7/365 – globally.

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