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Knowledge, Training, Research And Development

Innovation is built on knowledge. Succeeding in a digital world means evolving as fast as possible, based on the latest information. Knowledge and research are the foundation of our Innovation Ecosystem.

Focus On Learning

We research, test and generate new innovation building blocks (products, experience and best practices, skills and technologies) so that our customers can generate value as quickly as possible through the latest digital innovations.

Our experts develop insights and experiences in different areas, such as digital products definition and development, digital workplace and digital marketing. This also includes a focus on specific industries, such as finance and healthcare. You are welcome to browse through our content and demos in different areas and visit us to see for yourself.

Discover Our Innovation Focus Areas

Transform & Evolve

Innovation to transform and evolve your enterprise, delivering more value to businesses and people.

Self-driven Organization

Using data, artificial intelligence, analytics and automation to improve efficiency, but also to deliver fantastic experiences.

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Next-Gen Applications Development

Delivering application development which supports business transformation.

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Cloud-Based Consulting

Our cloud-based consulting for your enterprise software provides you better business insight and actionable results so you achieve your objectives.

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Customer Experience

Using digital technology to support the relationships between businesses and people.

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Digital Marketing

Orchestrating digital assets and channels to improve marketing and communication.

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Stefanini Artificial Intelligence

Helping businesses harness the power of AI to make smarter decisions and operate more efficiently and profitably.

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Hacking The Value

Gain a competitive edge by innovating traditional processes and industries.

Digital Workplace

Using digital technology to provide and support the most valuable employee experience.

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Digital Health

Delivering advanced digital solutions and innovative strategies so that people regain the TRUST in the pharma industry.

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Digital Finance

Empowering businesses through digital finance solutions.

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Digital Retail

The changing universe of retail

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Digital Industry

Coming soon

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