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Innovation Ecosystem

We believe in co-creating solutions to disrupt the business landscape. We do this by working with a network of best-in-class industry leaders, accredited research universities, and innovation-focused companies across multiple continents. And, most importantly, by working with you. As a result, Stefanini’s collaboration ecosystem is the backbone of its innovation offering, providing solutions that are valuable, uniquely tailored to business objectives, and reflective of the very latest industry developments.

Exploring The Group Ecosystem

Stefanini Group’s innovation ecosystem is built to help companies innovate by inviting them to join this fertile environment – connecting their innovation projects to entities with different expertise and applications for digital technologies. Our collaboration ecosystem enables us to drive results by bringing together the expertise of our partners, employees, funds, and academia alongside the new ventures. Through these ventures, we have created new businesses offering our clients the latest solutions in everything from cybersecurity and analytics to marketing and customer experience.

Innovating The Future

Harness the power of innovation with our custom-made solutions. Watch our video to discover how.

"Stefanini’s Collaboration Ecosystem Is The Backbone Of Its Innovation Offering, Providing Solutions That Are Valuable, Uniquely Tailored To Business Objectives, And Reflective Of The Latest Industry Developments."

- Andrei Georgescu - Digital Transformation Center Director At Stefanini EMEA

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We have a rich history of working with a wide range of partners in order to meet our customers’ needs.


We engage employees in innovation programs to bring innovation to ourselves and to our clients.


We partner with funds to leverage innovative businesses and digital technology.


We are constantly investing in companies that are focused on innovation development.

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We are proud to collaborate with universities to support research and provide innovative technology.

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