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Spring Has Sprung & Business Is Blooming

Spring Has Sprung & Business Is Blooming

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re excited to walk you through Stefanini’s most recent achievements, acquisitions and campaigns.

Partnering For Wins


Safeway Consultoria – Complementing Stefanini’s Cybersecurity Portfolio

Safeway provides fraud and cyber-attack prevention consulting and monitors 35,000 assets via the Security Tower at its dedicated Security Operations Center, which manages networks, analyzes potential vulnerabilities and responds to incidents. The company joins our security portfolio, which also includes Cyber Smart Defense and Stefanini Rafael.


Service Desk Powered By AI And Analytics Innovation

LiteSD – Personalized IT Support

LiteSD, Stefanini’s IT Service Desk solution for small and medium businesses, provides a tried and tested ITIL framework that helps businesses build their IT support network. It can be deployed quickly with minimal effort from the client and provides a fast, reliable IT service.

The solution relies on two main components: Chameleon, a powerful persona adapting web portal, enabling end users to access all IT services available to them, and 4Me, a versatile ITSM tool handling service requests and incidents.

Voicero – Real-Time Translations

Voicero is a project developed by Woopi Stefanini, in partnership with Microsoft, which translates meetings in real time in Microsoft Teams. With 100% Brazilian technology, Voicero was launched globally, meeting the demands of customers from around the world. With more than 20 languages, the tool changes the way organizations can communicate.

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Stefanini is all about people and businesses working together to create a better future. Our co-creation approach allows us all to act as entrepreneurs, driving change and revolutionizing across industries, but we can’t do it alone.

We work collaboratively with our clients to create true digital transformation, building technology into business growth. Together, we are co-entrepreneurs.

harnessing the power of cloud

Cloud Services

What is cloud technology and how can it benefit your business? From providing a scalable, flexible, and secure place to store all your company data and applications to creating more opportunities for collaborative work, leveraging cloud can help businesses jump to the winning stratosphere.

As digital experts, Stefanini is committed to helping modern businesses leverage this tool to create a robust strategy.

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