Can You Believe It’s Already December?

Can You Believe It's Already December?

As the year winds down, join us as we celebrate some of Stefanini's key achievements in 2022!

Partnering For Wins


  • Cobiscorp – Strengthening our Banking Platform Offerings in Latin America

    Acquiring Cobiscorp further complements Stefanini’s robust full-banking platform, positioning us as the largest and most complete platform of solutions for the financial market in Latin America.

  • Ecglobal – Solidifiying our Digital Marketing Platform Offerings in LATAM and the US

    Ecglobal allows marketing and CX/UX teams to develop and validate new concepts. This acquisition allows Stefanini to connect companies with prospects throughout LATAM and the US.

  • NewM – Complementing Stefanini’s Portfolio of Solutions for the Consortium Market

    NewM offers technology for sales professionals and a self-service app for consortium members. This acquisition complements Stefanini’s portfolio of solutions and delivers innovative applications to our clients.


Service Desk Powered By AI And Analytics Innovation

We partnered with a global leader in digital transformation and industrial automation in 2022 and, through innovation, quickly transitioned users to improved services experience.

To enhance the capabilities of the company’s virtual assistant program, we utilized the following solutions:


Our workplace automation and end-user analytics platform dwas implemented to compile data and diagnose issues.

d3 is a Stefanini managed service designed to help our customers better understand and take action to improve the technology experience of their end users. The service combines Stefanini best practices in device monitoring, data engineering and data analytics.

SAI Suite

We utilized our proprietary artificial intelligence ecosystem SAI to power Rocket with AI Ops, Server Management and Cloud Services.

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Digital Marketing

Stefanini Group is at the forefront of educating and preparing our partners for GA4, which marks the end of third-party cookies in Q3 2023.

GA4 represents the most revolutionary shift in digital marketing since 1997, and Stefanini is committed to ensuring our partners and clients are prepared to thrive in a new and challenging digital marketplace.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Skills


Today, more business than ever occurs online, yet at the same time the risks have never been greater.

Stefanini is working to ensure that the assets, IP and identities of our clients, partners and followers are protected in the years to come.

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