Digital Workplace Top Talent - Stefanini

The pandemic has irreversibly changed the way we work, turbocharging the shift toward more flexible remote working that had already begun prior to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The idea of a ‘Digital Workplace’ that would ensure employees were able to work from the device and location of their choosing – while receiving support whenever this was needed – was originally viewed as a way to win in the battle for top talent by supporting ‘Digital Nomads’.

With the majority of the workforce effectively becoming Digital Nomads overnight, our latest issue of Trends explores what this means for the Digital Workplace, including what the new best practice approach for winning top talent looks like.

Download the latest issue to discover how to truly meet employee needs in the new environment, how to harness collaboration and automation technologies, the role of AI, the changing nature of SLAs and how to tackle new security concerns.

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