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Drive Performance With SAI Plant Assistant

Better integrate manufacturing systems with UX to enable a seamless human-machine interface that reinvents how operators interact with the plant. 

The factory systems most in need of modernization have assembled organically, layer by layer, over time, resulting in multiple disconnected systems and disparate data sources that resist a linear approach to digitalization.

The SAI Plant Assistant is a scalable, non-intrusive solution that does not necessitate the replacement of existing applications to achieve comprehensive visibility into what is happening in your plant right now.

SAI Plant Assistant enables manufacturers to:

  • Improve efficiency, flexibility & OEE.
  • Overcome challenges associated with multiple disconnected systems and disparate data sources that slow or prevent decision-making or multiple legacy technologies that cannot be easily integrated to leverage shared data.
  • Make decisions 50% faster via real-time aggregation and interpretation of data from plant systems.
  • Maintain an agile organization, shift, or change production as needed with live insights into plant processes and data.
  • Save money: SAI Plant Assistant offers a real-time interface to search your data without the need for additional Cloud data storage.

Download the brochure to explore the SAI Plant Assistant and see how Stefanini is applying artificial intelligence to revolutionize industrial operations.

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