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Modern Endpoint Management

Take a proactive stance to end user support. Reduce costs associated with IT support and enable true workplace transformation with our Workstation services, End User Services, and our endpoint management solutions.

Simplify Your Work With End User Computing Solutions

As technology seeps into every part of business and industry, it’s critical to have the tools to adapt and thrive. Our End-User Computing Services are designed to target and address the most critical aspects of your business and we customize our solutions to your specific requirements.
At Stefanini, we strive to reshape your business model to align with a digitally transformed world. We begin by evaluating your company’s day-to-day processes and experiences to discover where innovative tech tools can help you increase efficiency and cut costs. From service desk and field service, to asset management and device as a service, we ensure our IT capabilities enrich and enhance your business, transitioning it for success in an age when new technologies emerge every day.

Our End-User Computing Services Advantage

Stefanini Is Recognized As A Global Leader In Providing Tech Support To Customers Around The World.

With Our All-in-one Visionary Platform, We Provide A Live Look At Your Business’ Digital Future By Capitalizing On Innovative Tech Tools And Solutions Like Cognitive Computing, Integrated Ops Management, Workplace Collaboration, Automated Insight And Analytics, IT Service Management, Unified Communications, Process Automation, Workplace Automation, Customer Experience, And Internet Of Things (IoT). With Our Expertise In New Technologies We Can Illuminate A Path To Digital Transformation. Through The Implementation Of Our Cognitive Intelligence Platform, Sophie, We Automate Various User Requests Including More Than 1,000 IT Tasks. Sophie Helps Save You Money And Your Users' Time. Our Combination Of Global Expertise And Customer Centric Models Makes Stefanini The Right Fit For Ensuring Your Workplace Exceeds The Performance And Efficiency Levels You Expect.

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With our digital strategy, we provide sweeping coverage and support for all of your digital challenges, ensuring you stay ahead of the game, all the time.

Technology Enabler

Stefanini’s solutions help enterprises around the world improve collaboration and increase efficiency.

Advisory Services

Simplify & enhance your IT environment with advisory services tailored to your businesses’ unique goals & issues.

Application Services

Stefanini’s agile application services are here to help you develop new product features while meeting critical time-to-market requirements.


With 30 years of IT staffing industry knowledge, Stefanini’s recruiters can find the reliable and skilled candidates you need for any type of job or project.

Sophie - AI Solution

Automate and present knowledge with the world’s premier corporate artificial intelligence agent, Sophie.

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We Will Help You Reach Your Modern Business Objectives.


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