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For Stefanini, innovation is the backbone of our solutions. For over 34 years, we have been empowering our clients to embrace the businesses of tomorrow, unleashing today’s digital transformation in the process.

Our Approach

Security, flexibility, and customization to fit any sized bank.

With our validated best practices, cutting-edge solutions, and network of accelerators, we embrace every challenge that requires an innovative approach, creating long-term value for our customers by offering them a competitive advantage and empowering them to proactively respond to the latest industry developments.
Our approach to innovation encompasses a global network of digital centers where we co-create with our clients at each step of the customer journey; first starting with a business goal and ending with the delivery of a digital product that drives transformative results.
Our ecosystem benefits from enhanced expertise in human-centered design, breakthrough innovation, and R&D, solidifying our leadership in transformation, invention, and reinvention.
For us, innovation takes shape in the following ways:
Our Clients – Experience Innovation
Our Capabilities – Innovation as a Service
Our Partners – Innovation Ecosystem
Our Workforce – Knowledge Training – R&D

Knowledge, R&D & Training

We research, test and generate innovative solutions. We also assist our customers in capturing value from the latest digital innovations.

Innovation As A Service

Clients can find their next big idea through our Co-Creation Programs, which​ are comprised of workshops that allow for experimentation and ideation, immersive approaches to design, and the implementation of new frameworks.
Our Future Vision programs are dedicated to the discovery of new business models and aids clients in capitalizing on the latest and future trends affecting their industry.
Finally, our commitment to innovation is showcased through our Innovation Mentorship Program, where we inspire innovation in our employees by helping them fully realize the possibilities innovation makes tangible.

Innovation Ecosystem

We engage players from a network of best-in-class industry leaders, research universities, and more to promote open innovation and co-create cutting-edge solutions.

Innovation Matrix - Innovation Experiences

The Innovation Centers allow clients to visualize and attain the right technological solution for their unique needs.
Specialized solution demos also take place in the Virtual Innovation Center, which is focused on specific industry needs.​
We also offer the Squads Experience, where clients can work with specialized multifunctional teams. ​

Big Enough, Small Enough

We ensure technology creates true business
value in your unique digital environment.

At Stefanini, we never follow a generic template when consulting with our clients. Instead, we have a flexible approach to adapt to your individual needs. We are an agile partner throughout your digital journey, ensuring our priorities reflect your priorities.
We also have a global ecosystem of innovators to ensure you have access to the newest technology. You can turn to our 25,000 employees and our 30+ years of experience for best practices and proven IT strategies.
We are excited to work with you to co-create a roadmap designed for your future and success for today.

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