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Innovation as a Service

Our model of co-creation initiatives allows customers to navigate complex business goals, generating innovative solutions and actionable plans for addressing them, wherever they are in the digital transformation journey.

Transformation Through Co-Creation

Through collaborative engagement, we help businesses to re-organize themselves around their customers and shape new types of experiences.
Our multi-disciplinary team brings different perspectives on digital innovation, working with you to harness the power of collaboration. The co-creation program was developed to offer different types of engagement, according to your needs, enabling your business to explore, innovate and transform your organization.

Explore Our Different Models Of Engagement

Co-Creation Design
Immersive approaches to the design of strategic experiences or products & projects.
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Co-Creation Workshops
Where we experiment with ideas & innovation frameworks.
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Innovation Labs

Our cloud-based consulting for your enterprise software provides you better business insight and actionable results so you achieve your objectives.

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Capitalize on our expertise to identify and mitigate risk as we ensure a seamless transition for the implementation of new technologies and services.

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Co-Creation Design

Immersive Approaches To The Design Of Strategic Experiences Or Products & Projects

Our Brand New Series Of End-to-end Offers Support All The Stages Of Digital Transformation Our Customers Experience. Focused On Business Model Innovation, This Approach Encompasses Everything From Strategic Visions To New Solutions And Projects.

Co-Creation Workshops

Explore How Stefanini Solutions Can Help Your Business, Create Or Develop Your Portfolio Of Business Transformation Initiatives, And Build A Roadmap For Innovation.

Explore how Stefanini solutions can help your business, create or develop your portfolio of business transformation initiatives, and build a roadmap for innovation.
This 1-2-day workshop will help you put together a plan for innovation, providing tools for ideation and helping your team prioritize different ideas. Our team of experts will be there to inspire you with insightful examples, while also working with you to build a concept and plan that drives business transformation.
By the time you leave the workshop, your team will have an actionable plan focused on a common goal and the tools to promote this plan in your organization.
Our workshop process includes eight key stages:
Set your goals
Get inspired
Identify opportunities for innovation
Build a plan

Innovation Labs

The Implementation Of Frameworks & Teams Dedicated To Creating Innovation/new Company Concepts

Innovation Labs Bring Our Clients’ Visions To Life Through The Development Of Innovation Areas. These Are Developed By Creating A Map Of Roles And Establishing The Governance Of Innovation, Highlighting The Co-creation Stages, And Defining The 'innovation Funnel.' With This Approach, We Structure, Train, And Monitor Teams To Ensure They Deliver Effectively As Part Of A New Innovation Cycle.


Custom-built Teams For Strategic Design

Squads, Or Multidisciplinary Teams, Are A Sophisticated Way To Bring These Two Approaches Together – With One Squad Focused On Efficiency And Technology, And Another Focused On People – To Create A Framework That Enjoys The Best Of Both Worlds. It’s A Methodology That Brings Together People With Different Skillsets To Create A Unique Team And Devise A Tailored Solution.

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