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Internet of Things (IoT)

Increase efficiency and transform your enterprise with integrated internet connected sensors, digital expertise, and more.

Smart Devices For Smart Factories

The rapid advancements in AI analytics, cognitive learning, and the proliferation of IoT sensors across modern businesses are preparing us for a new era of predictive forecasting. The Internet of Things offers promising opportunities for a variety of industry verticles.
We offer a variety of methods to use IoT to start tracking your assets efficiently. We also offer real-time tracking, where individual items receive a tag for detection anytime and anywhere by satellites. We’ll help you optimize business and production processes, reduce costs, and increase throughput for a brighter, more agile tomorrow.

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Optimize Production, Reduce Costs, And Increase Throughput For A Brighter, More Agile Tomorrow.

Autonomous Vehicles

Industrial automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a cost effective means to increase efficiency, improve safety, and eliminate waste.

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Intelligent Wearables

Intelligent wearables collect real-time information on activity and behavior and can promote safety, security, reliability, and productivity, leading to enhanced profitability and success.

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Edge Computing

Our distributed edge computing paradigm brings data processing, analysis, and storage closer to where it is generated improving response time and bandwidth while enabling real-time insights.

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) smart label tags and readers offer an innovative solution for improving inventory tracking compared to traditional barcodes, eliminating waste and promoting efficiency.

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Digital Innovation Through Proven Methodology

Our Four-pillar Portfolio Ensures End-to-end Service For Desired Business Outcomes.

Planning: Every project is designed with a business-first approach. We define the project pipeline with our robust methodology. It incorporates multidisciplinary competencies aimed to achieve specific objectives.
Execution: We are much more than consulting. We have the service experience and technology ecosystem to implement and complete the project. Following the agreed-upon schedule, you’ll experience a seamless transition towards innovation.
Sustainability: Once launched, we continue to analyze our solutions to maintain your operations. Simultaneously, we use agile frameworks to improve continuously. As a partner, we’re invested in your success, elevating your business to achieve higher performance and reliability.
Innovation: Our dedication to long-term partnerships proves Stefanini’s commitment to supporting your business every step of the way. It ensures your digital transformation continues to perform, evolve, and deliver long after the initial implementation of our technologies.

Industry 4.0 Infographic

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