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Following ESG Guidelines For More Efficient Plant Operations

Sustainability remains a crucial corporate initiative for many companies across industries. In fact, to date, more than 1,200 institutional investors representing $14 trillion in assets have pledged to divest from fossil fuels by opting for renewable energy. Not only do sustainable objectives help businesses attract investors, they also boost consumer interest and trust in brands overall.
That’s why more companies are integrating ESG factors into their business plans, paying special attention to directives related to environmental, social, and governance criteria. What are the advantages that come with transitioning to renewal energy?
We tackle this point and more in Energy Efficiency and the Transition to Renewable Energy, including:

  1. Top ESG issues and asset growth
  2. The link between ESG practices and business profitability
  3. How the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment are driving change
  4. Stefanini’s technological solutions that have helped manufacturing clients make their operations more sustainable

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