Have You Embraced Virtual Agile Squads At Your Business?

April 13, 2020 by Stefanini

Another webinar that draws attention to the much-needed agility that organizations should adopt right now.  



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On April 17, 2020, we’re proud to have hosted another webinar that draws attention to the much-needed agility that organizations need to adopt right now.  

·         The COVID-19 Moment 

·         The Webinar


The COVID-19 Moment

With COVID-19 seemingly controlling every aspect of society, we’re finding that there is no better time than the present to embrace 100% virtual business models – particularly Agile team models. After all, COVID-19 has driven many people to adapt remote work methods; among those with jobs and advanced degrees, 83% report working remotely. While there are certainly some changes that must be made when working from home – such as considering the security of your home network or even having access to the internet in the first place – you also must rethink the way your business functions.  


For instance, has your business considered implementing Agile principles at your organization? 



Agile Methods for Business Innovation

We are in the midst of a massive digital shift as businesses across all industries incorporate new technologies into their companies. Success depends on if your business can stay on the forefront of transformation, finding solutions and implementing them quickly. Agile virtual squads allow you to do just that. 

Both design thinking and the agile philosophy can help businesses adapt and thrive in the COVID-19 world. Agile squads promote strategic thinking, problem-solving and design skills; all components of a successful business strategy 


The Webinar


The basic organizational and business needs for Agile has not changed due to COVID-19. While the “what” and “why” of Agile hasn’t fundamentally transformed, the “how” aspects are being redefined, from people to technology. Featuring Nikhil Desai, Solution Engineering Director and Sujoy Sarkar, Software Development VP at Stefanini, “Recalibrating Agile Models to be 100% Virtual” will provide our thoughts and how we as an organization are adapting to the present-day 100% virtual Agile model. 

Missed the webinar? Click below to watch the recording.


Ask us how embracing virtual business models is crucial now more than ever.