Retailers Are Starting To Reap The Rewards Of Omnichannel Commerce

OmnichannelEvery day is a challenge for retail digital business executives due to achieving omnichannel excellence. Leaders know very well that customers have many different digital and physical touchpoints with businesses. This truth further complicates omnichannel success. Customer needs, innovative technologies, and evolving competitors are a constant threat. Having omnichannel operations can help because it optimizes revenue, delivers efficiencies and saves on various costs. Here are a few takeaways from Forrester’s recent landscape report and their Omnichannel Commerce Playbook:

Retailers are offering more than omnichannel fulfillment via in-store digital technology, superior customer service, online marketing as well as merchandising.

Digital business executives must continue to improve their omnichannel capabilities to find and keep their customers. Customers have high expectations, and they have plenty of competitors to purchase from. They expect consistently improving services and decreasing prices.
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