Stefanini Reorganizes, Begins New Chapter as Stefanini Group

March 04, 2020 by Stefanini

What’s in a brand? Learn more about Stefanini’s new look as we reveal our new branding to the rest of the world in an exciting unveiling of which we are proud.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “brand?” Perhaps you remember some of your favorite companies and their related branding concepts – the Geico lizard, for instance. Or perhaps what comes to mind is the multi-colored lettering that floats above the Google search engine. You might even chuckle as you recall commercials that feature Jake from State Farm. 

Branding is important for all companies to make their mark and Stefanini is no exception. That is why we’ve chosen to unleash our new brand today. Meet the new face of Stefanini Group.

Stefanini Reorganizes

We are excited to announce that we are beginning a new chapter in leadership and service by offering reorangization under the new Stefanini Group brand umbrella. This shift has been employed to unite us under a global mindset and offer customers a collaborative approach to the digital transformation journey.

The most notable changes of this brand transformation include establishing three new global leadership roles and the reorganization of the 16 companies in the Stefanini Group ecosystem by strategic verticals.

Changes in Leadership

Known previously as the vice president of marketing in North America and Asia Pacific, Carla Ferber is now the global marketing officer responsible for bringing this brand realignment to life through effective internal, external and client communications. Carla is based in our Southfield, Michigan North American headquarters. Additionally, Rodrigo Padua was hired in as our global people and culture officer. Finally, in an entirely new role, Marcelo Martins Louro has been named the global financial officer of Stefanini Group. He joins us from NC Games & Entertainment. Both Rodrigo and Marcelo are based in our Brazilian headquarters.

“For more than 32 years, Stefanini has been in a constant state of innovation and reinvention. On the heels of aggressive growth through 20 acquistions, we are revamping our brand architecture to support the digital transformation in a global economy,” Carla said. “It’s time to make our brand reflective of our core purpose—co-creating digital solutions for the future—as well as our global culture and entrepreneurial values.”  

It’s time to make our brand reflective of our core purpose—co-creating digital solutions for the future—as well as our global culture and entrepreneurial values.”

Carla Ferber

Vice President of Marketing for North America and Asia Pacific

Organzing Our Brands

We have decided to uitlize a realigned vertical approach, which organizes our stable of brands by industry specialty and fundamentally changes the way we produce specialized solutions.Teccloud, Sysman, Intelligenti, Stefanini Rafael, Ponto Certificado and Document Solutions brands support the technology vertical; Orbitall, Topaz and SCM brands service the banking vertical; and Scala, Woopi and Mozaiko brands support the analytics and AI vertical. The IHM brand develops industrial solutions; and Gauge, Infinit and Inspiring brands service the marketing vertical.

Our realignment positions our company network as more than an information technology provider. We now offer organizations of all shapes and sizes a broad portfolio of digital transformation services and solutions, including industrial automation, cognitive computing, workplace of the future development, customer experience, business consulting, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence. We also offer Sophie, an omni-channel virtual assistant and AI solution for collaborative digital transformation that achieves the same results as other AI technologies with five percent of the training required by other tech tools.

Stefanini’s New Face

Eye-catching. A symbiosis between humanity and technology. A face that is looking toward the future. A brand reflects the personality of its parent company, which in today’s digital age, is as crucial as the excellent customer service we strive to provide our clients. As our brand continues to evolve, it is crucial that we update our offering to our clients and our teams. This new brand is a promise to our customers on how Stefanini, our products, and services will perform, connecting with them in an emotional and rational way. With locations in Latin American, North America, Europe and Asia, we are building a unique global brand that will be communicated in the same way for all regions.

It’s the beginning of a new decade and with that change comes a new look for Stefanini – one that is sleek, modern, and a testament to our commitment to innovation.

Agile Development

An agile mode, which reflects our entrepreneurial mindset.

Stefanini is transitioning from an IT player to a Digital player, and this transformation is successful because we work in an agile mode, which reflects our entrepreneurial mindset. We make it happen; we act digitally. We recognized as we made this shift that our brand identity needed to evolve to reflect this new approach in ways that would change the market's perception of us.

Now, our brand, with its vivid, modern look and reorganization, reflects our commitment to digital business, expertise, and the future workplace.

Digital Workplace

Co-creating solutions for our commitment to digital business, expertise, and the future workplace.