Looking at Digital Experience through the Customer’s Lens

July 18, 2019 by Stefanini

As businesses move through digital transformation, one thing is becoming common knowledge: people are the heart of digital transformation. Once this concept was understood by organizations and implemented in business strategies, they started seeing true success, not just increased revenue or improved business processes. While these are great assets, it’s the customers who keep the business alive at the end of the day. At Stefanini, prioritizing the customer is our mission.

Enterprises must think in terms of who their customers are, what they need, and how it’s going to benefit them. Once these factors are evaluated, businesses will be able to deliver top-notch experiences.

According to CIO, there are several organizations taking this approach.  For example, back in 2015, Allstate launched its pay-per-use Rescue Mobile App, making roadside assistance available right at your fingertips. Member or nonmember, simply download the app and “get help from a reliable service provider with pre-negotiated rates.” In addition to the app, Allstate has a network of more than 2,000 active rescuers called the Good Hands Rescue Network. Whether you have a flat tire or ran out of gas, you can count on help.

In an effort to truly understand the people, the state of Michigan established the MI Bridges digital platform, emphasizing the human experience. The platform enables “access to more than 30,000 state and local resources such as food banks, shelters and childcare providers.” Furthermore, residents can use MI Bridges to apply for/renew benefits, update cases and more, whether on a desktop or laptop.

Stefanini’s Human-Centered Solutions  

Customer Experience (CX) is a key performance indicator for successful businesses because happy customers become loyal ones and influence others. Great CX can only happen with a strategy, data, and quality User Experiences (UX).

By analyzing user behavior on the overarching customer journey, we establish the knowledge base we need to build and evolve platforms, products, and services from the initial planning up to the business conversion.

This is more than designing and creating a new application. Rather, it's discovering customer needs and creating solutions to fulfill them.

Our digital solutions will provide better service, creating incredible user journeys from beginning to end.

Embrace this new era of customer experience and learn more about our solutions here

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