How to Thrive Through IT’s Revolutions

February 14, 2018 by Stefanini

Emerging technologies appear to be popping up out of the blue on a daily basis. They are reshaping workforces as well as business organization. It is vital to stay aware of these dynamics to stay ahead of the curve. “Technology is going to change the workforce,” says David Burns, Senior Vice President and CIO of manufacturing and supply chain at GE.

CIO’s article shares five essential ideas. Firstly, your current skills will not matter as much as your ability to learn new skills. This is incredibly relevant because of our fast-changing technological landscape. The second idea is that artificial intelligence and automation will change most jobs. Quantum computing will be able to take our workplace to the next level with greatly improved computing power. Finally, you can never stop learning because there is new information to learn every day. We must stay up to date on the latest trends and shifts in technology or competitors will seize the moment and take their opportunity to benefit from their competitive advantage.

Read CIO’s article for extra information on this topic.

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