How Businesses Can Benefit from SAP Software

April 25, 2019 by Stefanini

As businesses are digitally transforming themselves with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, we will see SAP software rise in popularity in 2019. But why does SAP stand out from other ERP systems? For one, no matter the size or industry, enterprises can reap the benefits of the software. Also, SAP is recognized as a global leader, providing solutions that help transform businesses in a technology-driven world.


What is SAP?

First, let’s breakdown the acronym for SAP – systems, applications, and products. The software itself was developed by one of the largest software companies in the world, SAP (both the company and software share the same name). Like any other ERP system, SAP has different modules designed to streamline business processes within any department at your company, connecting not only your workers but also their ideas.  

The SAP modules include human resources, finance, sales, and that’s just to name a few. Depending on your business needs, you can purchase any module, and would be hard-pressed to find one that does not fit those needs. SAP can manage practically all departments at your organization, revolutionizing the way your business is operated.  

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Benefits of SAP Software

According to, here are the benefits of SAP software:

1.      Well-suited for any business

With SAP, you’re sure to find solutions tailored specifically for your enterprise, no matter how large or small. In fact, 80 percent of SAP’s clients are small to mid-size companies. So regardless of the number of employees you have, or whether your organization is well-established or in the growing phases, “SAP has a comprehensive portfolio of leading cloud-based ERP solutions and tools to fit your needs.” Furthermore, your business can rely on SAP’s 24/7 support teams.

2.     Innovative technology

With over 40 years of experience in ERP, SAP is up to speed in all the latest innovations, ensuring that your business is equipped with the right tools for the future. SAP provides “future-proof Cloud ERP solutions that will power the next generation of business.” With its advanced capabilities, SAP can boost your organization’s efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks, making better use of your time, money and resources.

3.      Flexible and secure

Today, companies are seeking flexibility. SAP allows your business to “customize processes, use the public or private cloud, or pay only for what you need.” Furthermore, when it comes to keeping your business safe, it’s important to have a team of experts on your side that is constantly thinking ahead. SAP ensures that your data is secure, protecting your business from hackers. Moreover, SAP has the expertise to significantly reduce the number of threats your business faces every day, and “is built on one of the most advanced infrastructures in the world.”


Learn how to use SAP

New to SAP software? SAP has a large portfolio of learning programs designed for several roles, including IT administrators, project teams, key users and end-users. It’s crucial for your organization to acquire the necessary skills to leverage new, innovative technologies to continue moving forward in the digital transformation. Learn more about SAP Software Training and Enablement here.  


How can Stefanini help?

Stefanini’s ERP will work to drive continuous evolution, innovation, and excellence within your business. Our ERP is designed to help your company best utilize SAP, Oracle Enterprise Business Suite, and PeopleSoft, while creating seamless digital transformations across your organization.

While continuing to enhance and monitor your ERP environment, we will also provide continuous governance and quality management. With our dedication to your business objectives and commitment to quality, innovation, and transformation, our ERP will deliver results for your business. 

Ask us how you can digitally transform your business.

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