Why Artificial Intelligence Won't Replace Teachers

January 31, 2019 by Stefanini

The future of education will be one that is driven by advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). The fear of unemployment as a result of AI still exists; however, it will also lead to future job creation since machines can’t function on their own. With that being said, teachers can rest assured that their jobs are safe, as they are still a critical component to education despite their shifting roles.

The act of teaching is truly an art form that technology just hasn’t mastered. According to The Guardian, empathy is an important aspect of teaching that technology lacks, because only humans have the ability to “pick up on a multitude of contextual clues to determine and respond to the emotional states of others.” Moreover, machines are incapable of thinking on the spot the way humans can. This is important considering that many things can go wrong unexpectedly throughout the school day.

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