New tools are incorporated in Stefanini’s portfolio to reinforce the unique advantages of our Field Services

Stefanini's Field Services

With more than 30 years providing field services for large operations, Stefanini is launching new tools to reinforce the unique advantages of their field services. Developed internally, Stefanini Tech On Demand, Stefanini d3 and Stefanini Tech On the Go were incorporated into the company’s portfolio of solutions to help businesses face challenges caused by a variety of user environments, including campus locations, manufacturing and logistics sites, as well as varying degrees of small- and home-office users.

“We leverage a dynamic and flexible approach to our resource model that provides an adaptable consumption model with a variety of service options, including a remote services model, dedicated resources, scheduled visits and on-demand capabilities,” said Scott Kessler, Vice President of Workplace & Enterprise Services at Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific. “By launching Tech On Demand, d3 and Tech On the Go, we reinforce the unique characteristics of our offer, in line with the new needs of companies.”


Stefanini Tech On Demand

An expert solution with high flexibility, right at your fingertips. By customizing the field services based on each technician’s expertise, Stefanini ensures that the services are provided with fast and qualified field service support for clients’ specific needs. With specialized skills in managed IT services, consulting and training, application development/programming, and IT staffing services, Stefanini pairs its clients with the technicians best suited to the type of support or service for which they are looking. Stefanini personally vetted and interviewed each of its freelance agents, conducting thorough background checks and history reviews to certify they are dependable experts. With the ability to complete projects at both large and small volumes, Stefanini is flexible in delivering solutions whenever the clients need them, giving them the confidence to trust that their business’ individual tech needs are met and accomplished correctly and efficiently.

Stefanini Tech On the Go

Stefanini’s Tech On the Go is a mobile app designed to improve the quality of deskside support service by managing field service requests, looking at all three endpoints: the technician, the field service location and Stefanini. The main goal of this app is to deliver more efficiency and quality of our field services, enhancing productivity and improving communication between the client team and Stefanini team.

Tech On the Go provides Stefanini’s customers around the world with benefits such as cost reduction and improved solutions, availability in several countries and languages, and geo-location technology. Stefanini technicians use this mobile app as a companion as they walk around the field site, allowing better communication and access to client background data, which helps the technician provide an improved quality of service. The techs will be able to access information about the client’s contact personnel, last issues solved, the location of assets/devices and work provided. Through a dynamic checklist and visit planning, the app is designed to build a better relationship between the technician and client sites, as well as varying degrees of small- and home-office users.

Stefanini d3

Stefanini’s d3 is a desktop solution that provides real-time monitoring of end-user devices and sends information to our support teams. It aids with reactive support, when an issue arises, but also allows us to enact a much more proactive approach to service. Through workspace analytics technology, the unparalleled granularity of data captured by d3 can drive down cost for the following areas, for many businesses in multiple industries:

  • Workplace experience management
  • Asset optimization
  • Event correlation and analysis
  • Implementation of IT professional insights into key aspects of the workspace experience/needs

“With a unique combination of innovation and automation, our field services are enhanced by tools and services that drive the ability to predict, prevent and initiate automated solutions—providing a more proactive support experience for end users, improving their overall experience with IT and driving significant cost savings for our customers,” affirmed Mr. Kessler.

Learn more about our new Field Service tools here.