New office in Opole

New office in OpoleOn 22nd November, we opened the doors to our new building in Opole, Poland.

Opole is both city and voivodeship (similar to a county). And it’s an important bridge between us and our clients. A crossroads of languages, Opole is the voivodeship with the largest number of German minorities in Poland (hundreds of thousands if people). About 60% of students in Opole speak German. It’s an area where it’s not uncommon to see German and Polish together on the road-signs.

On top of that, almost all youngsters speak English. And a reasonable amount speak Czech, as it’s only a short distance to the Czech border.

A modern office for modern work

We’ve rented a space in a brand new building, which can fit 100 people. The building itself is near the biggest shopping centre in Opole, and is part of the Opole Office Centre: a business park specifically for companies in the outsourcing industry. It’s also a green building, made from recycled material and full of energy saving systems.

Come visit

We held our launch event on the 22nd November at Opole, 152B Wroclawska st. Our Andreea Stanescu, vice president of service delivery for EMEA, cut the ribbon, along with Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, the President of Opole.

Auf Wiedersehen.