New CEO for Stefanini NA and APAC Regions

Spencer Gracias brings more than 25 years of experience, leading global companies to grow through technology

Stefanini announced Spencer Gracias as the new CEO for the North America and Asia Pacific regions. Some of the companies that Mr. Gracias has previously worked with and helped grow through technology are Whirlpool, CPFL, Globo TV, General Motors, ABN Amro Bank, Santander Bank and more. His background includes implementing common, global processes for distributed infrastructure, application environments and governance.

Located at the Stefanini North American headquarters in metro Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Gracias’ mission is to implement a strategic plan that reinforces Stefanini’s goal of acting as a digital transformation agent for clients. “Through a close relationship and strong understanding of our clients’ business challenges, we will work in partnership with them to make their business grow,” said Mr. Gracias.

By tuning into the main technological trends, Stefanini has built a robust structure for implementing the foundation to promote digital transformation for customers, including operational efficiency, Internet of Things and cloud computing. “Through a strong partnership, we are able to recognize the client’s pain points and demonstrate how technology can help and provide the best solution,” said Mr Gracias.

Growth Plan

Last month, Stefanini announced investments in North America and Asia Pacific with the goal of growing 25 percent in these regions by 2020. To reach this goal, the company is focusing on leading digital transformation movements, tailoring them to bring direct benefits to the growth of clients’ businesses.

“I am confident that Mr. Gracias has the ability, energy and background to implement this plan,” said Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO at Stefanini. To assist its customers in the digital transformation process, Stefanini brings together the latest in cognitive intelligence, loyalty platforms, robotics and BPO, among other solutions. All of Stefanini’s solutions can be connected, ensuring an innovative offer that raises the level of excellence with cost savings.

Physical changes are also occurring in various offices—including the U.S. headquarters in the Detroit area, scheduled for completion in the first half of 2017. Stefanini has deemed these changes in the regions of NA and APAC to be strategic for the company’s global growth.

In the U.S. headquarters’ new office, Stefanini will be opening its first innovation center, reinforcing innovative culture and bringing about many benefits for employees, partners and the community.
“North America is the world’s largest consumer of technology and one of the great promoters of innovation. Since we have maintained our presence in the United States since 2001, it is time to reach higher ambitions in our U.S. operations, including the possibility of acquiring a company that is in line with our strategy of creating a stronger presence in the digital era,” says Mr. Stefanini.