Eliza Irimia joins Stefanini as EMEA Finance Director

Eliza Irimia joins Stefanini as EMEA Finance DirectorA warm welcome to our new finance director

We welcome Dr Eliza Irimia, who has recently joined us after 13 years at Vodafone, as our new Finance Director for EMEA. Eliza hopes to improve our processes, while making sure our operations are pragmatic and capable of adapting to outside pressures.

Currently, she’s most excited about working with our international team, and seeing the patterns and commonality between cultures and experiences – while celebrating their differences.

Eliza believes finance isn’t just about book keeping, but should be a partner to the rest of our departments – helping guide them to make the right decisions. She’s someone of two worlds. Not only does she have a PhD in Economics, she also has an engineering degree.

These twin passions both stem from her curiosity and desire to learn; a trait she’ll be bringing into her new role for us. While her knowledge in economics helps her understand finance, and people’s behaviours – she’s found that her engineering degree has also shaped her outlook. She sees the world through a very specific lens. Every challenge can be solved, by thinking through it logically and methodically, like an engineering problem.

In her spare time, she loves interior design. She finds that this creative expression most accurately describes her approach to her role. There aren’t just black and white choices – yes or no. There are a lot of colours. A lot of options we can make. And she believes it’s her job to help us find the right one.

‘We’re very excited to welcome Eliza to the team,’ says Manuel Frade, our EMEA chief executive officer. ‘Her wealth of experience, from her days at KPMG to Vodafone, will be extremely valuable to our business, and we look forward to seeing how she will help shape our future.’