Celebrating 30 Years of History

30 years

We are celebrating 30 years of history, reinforcing our digital transformation offerings. Founded in Brazil in 1987 by entrepreneur Marco Stefanini, our current global CEO of the company. Stefanini has a broad portfolio ranging from traditional solutions such as service desk, field service and outsourcing (BPO) to modern mobility tools. Additional offerings include personalized marketing campaigns and mobile card processing, artificial intelligence, robotics and solutions that enable the transition from Industry 3.0 to 4.0, also called the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“We have entered the digital world, where there is a high demand for efficiency, cost optimization and convenience. Customers want solutions that add value wherever they are. Therefore, we are focused on offering tools that allow a true transformation of our customers’ business,” says Marco Stefanini. He also noted that today the company can set up an entirely digital bank in just three months.

According to the executive, the companies that provide IT services have an even greater challenge: to promote business transformation. “The business takes on a much larger dimension, which is global transformation through the digital world. Modern information and communication technologies are being combined with traditional processes, thus changing the various production areas. Therefore, business transformation starts acting as the protagonist of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This technological base predicts the use of cybernetic systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytics,” says Mr. Stefanini.

Our company is the fifth most internationalized Brazilian company according to the ranking of Fundação Dom Cabral 2016. With this in mind, it is paramount to explore the capacity to transform machines into devices connected to networks in Industry 4.0, generating a great volume of information in real time.


Artificial Intelligence

Stefanini has made a series of movements inside and outside Brazil, including acquisitions of companies that have added value to Stefanini’s portfolio. The offers addressed to finance/banking, industrial/manufacturing, insurance, and other segments.

One of Stefanini’s highlights in the last year was the worldwide launch of their artificial intelligence platform, Sophie. The platform is able to understand and process requests via text and voice quickly, efficiently and intuitively. Originally launched in 2014, it has become a tool for Stefanini’s global operations, as well as a customized form of technology suitable for a large number of service processes, regardless of their volume.

Any company that wishes to increase its ability to interact with users through a set of channels broader than a traditional call center can obtain the benefits of this intelligent platform.

Recently, Stefanini implemented Sophie at Emprel, a computer company in the municipality of Recife (PE) in Brazil. With Sophie, Emprel can reduce costs and, at the same time, increase the level of quality and efficiency for the company’s service desk and field service users.


Investments in the United States and Asia

This year we announced new investments in North America and Asia Pacific. Stefanini anticipates growing 25 percent by 2020 in the region. Stefanini is focusing on an innovative offer and reinforcing their role in acting as a digital transformation agent for companies.

With changes in operational direction for the North America and Asia Pacific region, physical changes are also occurring in various offices—including the U.S. headquarters in the Detroit area. Stefanini has deemed these changes in the region of NA and APAC to be strategic for the company’s global growth.

Stefanini will open its first innovation center in in our new headquarter in the United States. This center will reinforce innovative culture and will bring many benefits for employees and partners.