30 Years of IT Innovation

We’ve seen many changes that have impacted multiple areas of our daily lives and a large portion of these changes is attributed to technology. As a tech company, Stefanini has also undergone significant transformation, a direct reflection of the changes happening in our society and our world.

From beginnings to a present-day global footprint and staunch position within the competitive IT landscape, Stefanini is a company that is always striving to grow in accordance with the demands and necessities that people require. In general, what we decide we require is influenced by what we see around us, and what we see is constantly changing technology

As the majority of the significant technology trends likely to occur in the next 30 years have already been initiated, Stefanini is keeping an eye on the future with a steady grasp on the present. We will continue to guide companies along the path of digital transformation, architecting the customer’s entire business from original, innovative design to complete integration of the most futuristic technology. But most importantly, within our DNA is the ability to react to crises, not only diverting us from the unexpected but also helping us benefit from challenges and emerge from them with an increased sense of preparation and strength within the market.


Future-Focused Offers

Our innovation offers and 2020+ platform are designed to increase ease of use and efficiency for business processes in all industries. Sophie, Stefanini’s artificial intelligence platform, can simplify and streamline many processes that are currently performed by human agents, allowing humans to shift their focus to business areas that require traits like creativity—which automated technology and artificial intelligence cannot duplicate.

Stefanini has become a leader in the digital revolution and earned the reputation of a dependable business partner that companies can rely on—not only transforming their current business but also their career paths for the future, driven toward innovation. Throughout our 30 years, we have grown and transformed to become a company that values our people and always strives to innovate, placing a heavy emphasis on collaboration and the contribution of new ideas that will help fuel our future, which is always changing.


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