Innovation Applied Across Our Service Portfolio – The 5 Elements of Innovation

Innovation at Stefanini

Our method of infusing intelligence, allowing digital transformation across all of the computing in our lives through our innovative service portfolio. Using the 5 Elements of Innovation is the way we add the most value to our services.

4R Value Proposition

Delivering innovative solutions that align with the needs of our customers through our 4R Value Proposition.



Innovative Process Framework

The Stefanini Innovation Process Framework is the starting point to help us better understand the needs and demands of our customers. Through processes like Hackathon, we conduct a thorough needs analysis by understanding an organization’s culture and mindset and then analyzing the challenges they may be facing. Compiling this process with market research, and an assessment of the market environment, allows us to plan and design solutions that are tailor-made for the customer while leveraging cutting-edge solutions through our Innovative Service Portfolio. The end result enables problem-solving through our proprietary framework based on design, business processes, and system thinking which generate new possibilities for innovative technology.

Innovation Process Framwork

Innovative Services Portfolio

Aligned to accelerate an organization’s ability to exceed their business objectives and goals by fully leveraging innovative solutions and opportunities across our services portfolio

Innovation Framework

Automation Platform 2020+

Stefanini’s Automation Platform 2020+ is transforming business processes by introducing a wider portfolio of offerings based on automation and cognitive computing technology and is woven throughout our entire services portfolio. By offering customers new innovation solutions, our platform is making it possible to automate knowledge across a broad range of functions to improve business performance and elevate productivity and service quality.

Automation Platform 2020+ solutions add tangible business value and fit-for-purpose and specific business processes that need key technologies to drive automation. The platform supports cloud-first and mobile-first strategies, along with open innovation, and it’s delivered as-a-service based on:

Service Automation

  • Stefanini’s SaaS-based automation platform consists of automating a task, business process, IT process, or data and enables a broader automation umbrella.

Sophie Autonomics & Cognitive Computing

  • Stefanini’s intelligent automation platform is based on cognitive computing artificial intelligence, with a focus in self-adapting, interactive, and contextual automation. This yields self-learning, human-like interaction, and self-healing automation capabilities.

automation platform

Innovation At Stefanini