6 Disruptive Technologies in 2018

Technological disruptions are expected to increase in frequency

In the coming months, technological disruptions are expected to increase in frequency, from artificial intelligence to graphical visualizations. Before they become popular this year, get to know these six disruptive technologies.

To begin with, already-existing health tech, like toothbrushes and Fitbits, will become more advanced and have a strong effect on the healthcare industry. Chatbots will gain the ability to answer more complicated questions, meaning website visitors will receive answers to their questions quickly, instead of taking the slow email route. The process of conducting video conferences, internally and externally, will become more seamless, promoting collaborative efforts and boosting productivity. Customer experiences will likely change due to immersive technology like AR, VR and mixed reality; Gartner predicts augmented reality will outpace virtual reality in the business realm.

Controlling devices will become a vocal experience thanks to voice control with the help of Google and Amazon. Many corporations and their IT departments will have easier access to virtual assistants, and these assistants can be of great value partly because they have specialized skills and are often easy to find on freelancer websites. With these technologies primed to become more prevalent soon, it’s important to make sure you are aware of what’s on the horizon.

Source: https://www.cio.com/article/3254744/emerging-technology/technologies-that-will-disrupt-business.html

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