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Customers don’t spend a huge amount of time thinking about whether a bank is digital or not. Instead, they simply notice whether a bank offers them convenience and fits around their lives. They’ll know whether a bank has invested in digital for a reason, or simply for the sake of it. That’s why the banking sector succeeds when it embraces digital banking with a purpose, expanding its digital capabilities to better serve consumers and improve security.

Banking faces more regulatory constraints than other sectors, but has finally innovated to provide services that fuse online and offline offerings. At Stefanini, we help the financial industry run complex operations virtually. Through technology, we also enable providers to offer a smoother and more effective customer experience, free from the limiations of legacy technology.


  • Open Banking
  • Phygital Banking
  • Banking as a Service

Digital finance innovation is centered around two main areas:

  • Empowering established financial institutions to defend themselves against the rise of fintech startups
  • Enabling non-financial institutions to provide financial services to their customers

We make this happen by combining our extensive set of solutions and experience in this area with a strong user understanding and customer-centricity, alongside data and latest digital technologies. As a result, we help create frictionless end-to-end user journeys implemented in turn key engagements

Open Banking

To stay relevant, banks need to participate in Open Banking ecosystems, which means acquiring the skills to create Open APIs.

 To stay profitable, banks and TPPs will need to find new ways of working, rapidly prototyping offerings and testing them with their customers. They will likely need to partner with fintechs or leading digital transformation businesses in order to better serve the market.

Phygital Banking

Phygital banking combines physical and digital solutions at all critical interaction points and  plays a vital role in creating a positive customer journey. Phygital involves being inherently digital across all channels and operations, as well as how a bank is organized and manages its business. Banks that can blend physical and digital to effectively enhance customer experience, operations, and delivery are most likely to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Banking as a


Banking as a Service (BaaS) represents the way banks are sharing their technology platforms with fintechs and other third parties. It goes hand in hand with Open Banking. By grouping a variety of mobile-first financial solutions into a single platform, consumers will have access to a suite of services like budgeting, loans and stock-trading. Banks will no longer be single, end-to-end providers. Effective implementation depends on a data-driven and enterprise-wide strategy to ensure high returns on investment.

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