Customer Experience Services


Human Behavior 

Stefanini’s customer experience services involve using our tech expertise to support what matters the most – the relationships between your business and people. Our knowledge production and research around this topic is focused on understanding trends in people’s behaviors and exploring how humans engage with different technologies in different contexts. We also analyze and apply design methodologies that bring the user perspective to our projects and facilitate human-centered innovation.


  • User Research
  • User Interaction Design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Service Design 

We apply different human-centered design methodologies, to prototype, test and build valuable digital products. We start with user research and user testing, enabling us to understand how people use a solution and how to create more value for them.

The next stage involves designing the best experience possible, including easy-to-use and desirable interfaces, drawing on user experience and user Interaction testing. Finally, in the service design stage, we create a holistic view of the whole journey, uncovering how people interact across every touchpoint.  We deliver the innovation through prototyping, testing and agile implementation, prioritizing and improving the customer experience continuously.

Explore how to create more value to your customers.