Transformation through


Through collaborative engagement, we help organizations to re-organize themselves around their customers and shape new types of experiences.

Our multidisciplinary team brings different perspectives of digital innovation, working with you to harness the power of collaboration. The co-creation program was developed to offer different types of engagement, according to your needs, enabling your business to explore, innovate and transform your organization. 

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Half-day workshop to inspire your business transformation.

The first step to transform your business is to be inspired.  In this 4-hour workshop, our team will help you to clearly define your goals and learn from successful digital innovation from inside and outside your industry. Through this innovation showcase, we will help you to apply this cases to your reality and maturity level,  identifying the opportunities for transformation and acceleration. 

By the time you leave the workshop, your team will be ready to leverage opportunities for innovation, being able to organize and prioritize initiatives towards a common goal.  

Our process includes 

  1. Set your goals
  2. Get inspired
  3. Identify opportunities for innovation

Possible themes

  • Digital Workplace
  • Next-gen application development
  • Self-driven organization
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • And more...


4 hours

Co-Creation Workshop

Explore how Stefanini solutions can help your business, create or develop your portfolio of business transformation initiatives, and build a roadmap for innovation. 

This 1 to 2 days workshop will help you put together a plan for innovation, providing tools for ideation and helping your team prioritize between different Ideas. Our team of experts will be there to inspire you with insightful examples, but also to work with you to build a concept and plan towards business transformation.

By the time you leave the workshop, your team will have an actionable plan focused on a common goal and the tools to promote this plan in your organization. 

Our process includes

  1. Set your goals
  2. Get inspired
  3. Empathize 
  4. Identify opportunities for innovation
  5. Ideate
  6. Define
  7. Prioritize
  8. Build a plan


1-2 days


Through agile and fast collaboration and prototyping, gain insight into how an innovation initiative creates value and determine a clear strategy that builds positive customer experiences.

Stefanini Dive is how you start putting your innovation plan in action. An agile five-day process designed to quickly collect data on a business challenge to build better solutions. When there is a question in need of an answer, Dive allows us to quickly gain valuable information and reach educated conclusions.

By the time you leave the workshop, you will have a solution for a specific business problem, validated by its users.   

Our process includes

  1. Set your goals
  2. Get inspired
  3. Empathize 
  4. Define
  5. Ideate solutions
  6. Decide 
  7. Prioritize
  8. Prototype
  9. Validate


3-5 Days

Deep Dive

Inspire leadership mindsets to build innovation through knowledge seeking.

Stefanini Deep dive is how you build capability and create the assets required to innovate. Our methodology leverages our uniquely skilled and expert design teams to work with you to find ideal solutions and build the framework for success. With our robust experience, big-picture vision, agile flexibility, and focus on optimizing the end-user experience, we will help you to create most valuable solutions for your company.

Our process includes

  1. Run research and Data analysis
  2. Run assessment 
  3. Build design assets (Personas, Journeys, Blueprints) 
  4. Solution Design
  5. Prototype
  6. Validate
  7. Measure
  8. Iterate


1-6 Months +


Complete transfer of knowledge, culture, and innovation to inspire mindsets designed for business transformation and acceleration, with Stefanini support and maintenance for long-term success.

Stefanini supports full business acceleration, providing experts and methodology for transformation. Starting from  strategic objectives, combined with deep understanding of the current operations we generate targeted responses, aligned with the high level strategy

We take the proposed initiatives and pass them through Design Thinking based workshops that will enable a collaborative solutions generation, create associated prototypes and collects user feedback. 

Incorporate user feedback and evolve the prototypes into a PoC / MVP that enables the feasibility analysis of the solution and clarifies most of the unknowns associated with a full blown implementation, before the launch of such an improvement initiative.

Our process includes

  1. Run assessment
  2. Identify opportunities
  3. Prioritize
  4. Prototype
  5. Validate
  6. Build MVP
  7. Learn and Iterate
  8. Design solution
  9. Roll out


6-12 Months +

Speak with a specialist to begin digitally transforming your business.