Stefanini Institute

Technology Education: The Mission of the Stefanini Institute

The mission of the Stefanini Institute is to promote human development, economic and social, through the implementation and support of educational activities that are designed to provide basic vocational training for youth and adults.

  • Certified by ABRINQ
  • Associated with the Ethos Institute
  • More than 45,000 attended in 10 years

At Stefanini, we believe that knowledge is the key to a more developed and engaged society. Technology education can create both professional and personal opportunities. The Stefanini Institute is a nonprofit, education and training facility, established and maintained by Stefanini. Our goal is to be a leader in serving the population most in need of economic and educational opportunities, by bringing “digital and technological literacy” as a means of integrating this population into the labor market.

Addresses of the Institute:

Rua Padre Paulo Canelles, 640, Jardim Adalgiza l, São Paulo/SP
Rua Anézia Venturini, 62, Centro, Jaguariúna/SP – Brasil

27100 W. 11 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48034