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Lite Service Desk

Realize the potential of an omnichannel service desk solution the provides 24/7 prompt and effective support in multiple languages

Business Challenges

Experience True Digital Enablement

Employees need to be able to troubleshoot IT issues they encounter quickly and conveniently in order to work productively and efficiently – and to feel satisfied with the IT services they are provided. While one way to achieve this is through an onsite IT support team, this can prove costly for businesses, while being inconvenient for end users who need to find relevant members of the support team to speak to.

Stefanini’s Lite Service Desk (LiteSD) offers a convenient and cost-effective way to address technical problems. Employees simply log into the self-service portal and submit their support request, which they can track in real-time, keeping them informed and in control of the resolution process. By making use of technologies including machine learning, AI and automation, LiteSD provides businesses with a cost-effective solution that enables them to offer 24/7 omnichannel support in multiple languages.

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Omnichannel Support

LiteSD ensures businesses can solve employee technical issues via the channel of their choice, whether that’s chat, a service catalogue, or phone for high-priority issues. The solution’s AI-powered chatbot can resolve issues quickly, while translation services enable multi-language support.


By automating many of the routine tasks associated with service requests and incidents, such as routing and tracking, LiteSD gives time back to end users, on-site IT engineers and application support engineers, enabling them to focus on more complex and higher value tasks.

Performance And Cost Monitoring

All services built into Lite Service Desk are ITIL compliant, and can be tracked and reported on via PowerBI, enabling organizations to check the performance of their service from an SLA/KPI point of view and forecast future IT costs.

Fast, Effortless Deployment

As a pre-built multitenant SaaS cloud platform, LiteSD can not only be deployed very quickly but also requires minimal effort on the part of the organization.

The Power Of LiteSD

Interested in boosting the convenience and cost-effectiveness of your service desk solution? Dive deeper into how LiteSD offers 24/7 omnichannel support that can unlock your business potential by watching our video interview with Stefanini EMEA Automation Practice Lead Horia Raveica.

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