Security Services

Critical Data

When your organization’s most critical data is involved, there’s no such thing as a minor breach in network security. Every hole or fault in your network leaves your information vulnerable and can be detrimental to any enterprise, which is why we take active steps to supply you with maximum network security.

We work to fortify your network boundary so your essential information will never be compromised or exposed to unauthorized users. To ensure your endpoints are secured and protected, Stefanini’s Security Services team works to manage your IT security tools, policies, processes, and security operations.

We provide support in security architecture, consultation, design and implementation of security products, Security Operations Center (SOC), vulnerability management, endpoint security, network security, and identity access management areas.

Our services are designed to help improve the overall security posture of your organization, and we do this through attracting top-tier talent from around the globe and providing our services at affordable prices.

Improved Security Posture

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) focused on security processes and tools
Vulnerabilities management throughout the entire lifecycle
Network Security
Access Management

Enterprise Services

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