Customer Experience Advocacy

Unique and Enriching Partnership 

As today’s technological landscape constantly evolves and becomes more complex, understanding the way your customers interact with your business’ technology is a requirement.

With Stefanini's CXA program. a trained professional becomes a key member of your team and is invested in the success of our services. During the entire lifecycle, our CXA team focuses on representing the voice of your customers across all touchpoints and becomes a trusted liaison to create a personalized experience for your customers.

Our team continually reviews customer experiences through both formal and informal means to find further efficiencies and improvements. The ultimate goal of this program is to deliver a unique and enriching partnership for you and your business—providing a service tailored to achieve the highest level of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Get a unique and enriching partnership for your business with a service tailored to achieving the highest level of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Entire Customer Journey 

Customer Experience
A comprehensive view of the customer’s journey, including the sum of all interactions customers have with products, tools, services, and processes measured against customer expectations.
Voice Of the Customer (VOC)
The process of capturing the customer’s experience and converting their needs, wants, and perceptions into meaningful and useful data.
Customer Advocacy
The act of transforming the VoC into actionable plans to solve problems for customers and improve their experiences—encompassing the entire customer journey, starting with service implementation and extending throughout the lifespan of the program.

Customer Experience Advocacy

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