The N.E.X.T. level

N.E.X.T. is a holistic, fully integrated service that places the employee at the center, unleashing their productivity and boosting thier engagement. 

N.E.X.T. utilizes a modern infrastructure of computing, smart mobile devices and collaboration software to ensure there need be no compromise between working flexibly and working productively.

Using N.E.X.T., employees can open fully automated IT requests via personalized self-service portals and smartphones. Providing omni-channel access to the services and technology that they need to excel and collaborate in their work, anywhere, at any time and on any device.


N.E.X.T. Managed Services

IT Service Desk

Stefanini's IT service desk is the frontline of support, acting as a ‘single point of contact’ for any IT service-related questions, problems or requests.

Remote Technical Support

A comprehensive omnichannel employee-centric support offering, providing a human and efficient IT service remotely.

Local Technical Support

Local Technical Support (LTS) provides seamless interaction for users, with a fast turnaround on specific technical issues employees encounter.

Depot Hub

The Depot Hub is a cost-effective way to deliver second-level services with either no on-site LTS presence, or a reduced presence.

Digital Cafe

Digital Café is a key part of Stefanini’s omnichannel employee-centric support service, enabling businesses to meet new employee experience expectations.


Our ITSM implementation enables customers to move the IT organization from slow and rigid to fast and flexible. Optimize costs, productivity and resilience.

N.E.X.T. Value-Added Services

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal delivers the right digital experiences from anywhere, through a single interface.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring involves teams of technical professionals proactively and reactively troubleshooting issues, contributing to a better employee experience.

Device Provisioning

Device Provisioning is an end-to-end solution for device sourcing and global deployment and management of all types of devices.

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Management enables businesses to gain insight into the employee experience of the Digital Workplace.

Voice of IT

Voice of IT is a service designed to facilitate and streamline collaboration within clients’ IT departments.

Major Incident Management

Stefanini's Major Incident Management (MIM) process ensures that incidents are assigned to the correct technical resolution teams.

End-to-End Incident Control

Stefanini's End-to-End Incident Control involves using dashboards, machine learning and AI to take a proactive approach to detecting incidents.

N.E.X.T. Centers of Excellence

Sophie for Support

Sophie for Support helps businesses use Stefanini's AI chatbot, Sophie, to provide technical support to employees.

Data Analytics

Stefanini’s Data Analytics service ensures instant access to high-quality data analysis, informing and facilitating strategic data-informed decision making.

Office 365

Our Office 365 service can help and guide you during any stage of Office 365 adoption.

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