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Businesses rely on technology to keep their operations running smoothly now more than ever before. However, with unique IT needs and processes, it can be hard to find exceptional technicians to quickly adapt to your enterprise. With the stakes so high, you need better solutions, faster.

It’s time to change the world of technology services by bringing the solutions straight to your fingertips.

Bringing together a global network of IT service and expertise while providing the ideal technician for your business straight to your door. 

Introducing Stefanini Tech on the Go

Your Ideal Tech Solution - Anytime, Anywhere
With solutions a touch away and effortless proactive system monitoring, Tech on the Go will ensure your business not only keeps running smoothly but also performs optimally.
Stronger Relationships for Stronger Digital Solutions
With our robust experience and specialized skills in managed technology services, we have the expertise to deliver fast, efficient solutions to get your business back on track with minimal downtime.
Collaboration through Clear Communication
Available globally and with over 35 languages supported, Tech on the Go will provide unprecedented results while saving your business valuable time and expenses.

Global Concept, Local Service – The Stefanini Difference


As a $1B global service provider, Stefanini has robust experience in delivering high-quality results with customer service at our core.

We are both big enough to provide the solutions to your business challenges, while being small enough to be a flexible and agile partner for your unique enterprise environment.

We apply this same methodology to Tech on the Go. The app brings together a global network of IT service and expertise while providing the ideal technician for your business straight to your door.

Stefanini leverages our uniquely skilled and expert teams to work with you to find ideal solutions and build the framework for success with key digital strategies, market insights, and customized solutions.

With our robust experience, big-picture vision, and focus on user experience, we will help you to achieve the optimal solutions for your company. It’s time to revolutionize what IT can do. With Tech on the Go, let’s build a brighter, more productive future for your business.



Tech on the Go

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