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With the capacity to process an unprecedented quantity of data quickly and intelligently, Sophie is designed to handle high-demand environments by the people who understand them best. Her brain contains over 3 million concepts and relations uniquely customizable to your business’ needs, and her fast-learning capabilities will work to not only automate your business processes, but perfect them.

Sophie can assist with tasks like triggering workflow, auto escalation, presenting knowledge to users, and more. 

By implementing automation technologies such as Sophie in customer service and call center services, businesses can benefit from:

• Operational Efficiency 

• Faster Task Performance 

• Reduced Errors 

• Improved Metrics

Complete end-to-end ITIL/ITSM services to transform your
IT Service Management.

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Interactive Voice Response
Recognizes the meaning of spoken input, determines caller intent, and routes the call accordingly • Asks the caller questions to clarify ambiguous intent • Handles corrections and verifications by dynamically embedding confirmations in the next prompt for a smooth conversational flow
Responsive Conversations
Recognizes online dialogue, including user slang, misspellings, acronyms, and grammatically incorrect sentences that are found in real human conversation • Detects emotions like frustration to better understand customer needs • Uses appropriate protocol for greetings, farewells, criticisms, and compliments
Contextual Language Understanding
Supports human-like spoken or text-based conversations with multi-turn contextual dialogues • Understands what information is needed to complete a task and prompts for what’s missing • Remembers the context of what users have said and refines their results without asking them to repeat information

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