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AI Features That Simplify Every Business Scenario

As our world becomes increasingly connected, new business challenges have inspired innovative digital solutions. As the world’s premiere omni-channel virtual assistant, Sophie is one of these solutions.

Sophie is based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus on self-adaptation and both interactive and contextual automation—enabling her to achieve self-learning and human-like interaction.

Her design allows her to assist across different business scenarios and interact with various personas. With an omni-channel approach, she integrates with different channels to provide a tailored customer experience.

Whatever your automation needs are, Sophie is ready to learn, enhance, and grow your processes to provide optimal solutions.

Consumer Assistant

Sophie serves as a virtual assistant, enabling your customers to interact with your products and brand across multiple platforms and channels.

Business Assistant

Sophie can integrate with most business platforms and enterprise applications to create an end-to-end single-screen user experience.

Workplace Assistant

As your workplace assistant, Sophie can assist users in triggering workflow, auto-escalation, automating tasks, and training.

SAI - Stefanini Artificial Intelligence

While Sophie serves as our virtual assistant, SAI can be leveraged for automations and solutions that use spoken or written human language.

Sophie and SAI For Greater Business Value

Big Data and Analytics

Sophie capitalizes on our SAI suite and expertise in analytics, integrating with the most advanced analytics platforms to make your data easier access. Rather than needing to hunt through dashboards to discover the information you need. Sophie can save you time by answering your questions about your analytics data. With better data understanding, you can make better decisions for your business and cater to your users.

Integrated with predictive modeling, Sophie will interface with data analytics to communicate early warnings for failures, alert end users of issues, and prevent problems with self-healing skills. Your enterprise will run more efficiently with fewer issues and a more proactive approach.

Intelligent Automation
Through automation, Sophie can optimize the amount of human support needed for the core business, while taking on the burden of routine processes. Sophie is uniquely customizable to your specific business needs and can increase efficiency up to 80%, innovating the way you interact with your customers.
Natural Language Understanding
Sophie's brain contains over 3 million concepts and is continually expanding her knowledge base to adapt, change, and enhance her understanding and conversational ability. She understands synonyms, typing errors, verb tenses, and common expressions resulting in higher satisfaction and personalization.
Sophie's DNA can be integrated with many different systems including: Legacy • ITSM • Tools • CRM • ERP • Applications • Websites • Social Media • Oracle • SAP • IoT

Solutions For All Industries

Sophie’s interface can be tailored to fit your specific needs, and she is adaptable to a vast range of industries including Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail. She can also be implemented to work in cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid solution to best fit your enterprise.

With her ability to evolve and grow with your company as she continues to learn, her customizability continues far after her implementation. Her interface includes an additional knowledge tool that allows knowledge engineers or business analysts to create new contexts without the need for programmers.


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