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Platform Adoption, Implementation And Integration

Microsoft Power Suite

Powering Automation and Creating Opportunities from Business Data

Business Challenges

Amplify collaboration effectiveness with deeper insights, benchmarking, managed services amplification, WSC and US Laser Focus.

• Multi-Platform: It is rare for an organization to have a standardized, single collaboration and communications platform. PowerSuite
provides an expansive single pane view spanning six different application platforms from four different industry leading
software vendors.
• Multi-Modality: IM, chat, video, conferences, document sharing, meetings or calls — no matter what the operation, collaboration or
communications platform is driving, PowerSuite monitors and enhances system health.
Multi-Location: Regardless of whether you’re running pure on-premises, pure cloud or some sort of hybrid system, PowerSuite
seamlessly integrates all data types and helps to guide your transformation process.


ERP Implementation

Implement a centralized. Scalable enterprise resource planning software that manages tasks and data from across business activities, promoting efficiency, forecasting, and productivity.

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SAP- Intelligent Enterprise Transformation Services

We manage SAP Intelligent Enterprise transformation activities, enabling you to apply advanced technologies and best practices within an agile, integrated business model.

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Platform Implementation & Integration

We manage the administration of current systems while implementing new digital solutions.

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Service Now

We help you get the most value out of your ServiceNow experience with managed implementation strategies that balance people, processes and technology with enterprise goals.

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Intelligent Technology Management

We provide a single point of contact for AI enabled technology management, ensuring accuracy of deep learning models, and desired outcomes.

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We define and maintain experience level agreements, ensuring our application managed services to provide end-users with the best experience possible.

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