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Application Stability And Vulnerability Services

Find Weaknesses and Potential Security Threats

Business Challenges

Applications are vulnerable to bugs and weaknesses, whether under development or live. It is essential to overcome strategic roadblocks, including which types of testing an organization needs.

In security hierarchies, app security services are below policies and standards. Policies create boundaries, and standards create rules for enforcing and policies. With security controls, there are exact steps for developers and teams to follow. Application control responsibilities span an organization, but developers have a crucial role.

Applications offer employee access to data and systems, yet they introduce opportunities for hackers to intrude and exploit central systems. This causes a dilemma — organization must ensure app security with minimal disruption to stakeholders and internal processes.

Application Capabilities

Automated & Manual Testing & QA

Find bugs, test UI/UX and save on costs with advanced testing and QA. Customers and stakeholders have high expectations for solutions and platforms, including fast development cycles, lower costs and less maintenance.

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Digital Product Development

Innovation-led application services to create new software quickly and easily. Apps are developed in a flexible, strategic and scalable model so your organization stays on top of changing technology.

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Lean Agile DevOps

Understand business complexities and design solutions from the earliest stages of a project with Lean Agile DevOps. We use agile approaches, lean principles and DevOps for strategic consulting based on expertise that drives measurable results

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API Gateway Integration & Development

Develop a robust, centralized endpoint for routing client requests to the appropriate service, consolidating service functions and ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

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Code Migration Services

Stefanini experts manage migration efforts, overseeing from strategy, to testing, to deployment while taking efforts modernize, simplify, and secure existing code base.

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Custom Application Development With Agile Squads

Leveraging our agile methodology, we provide customized software development services that ensure products offer value while meeting given requirements.

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Digital Application Management Services

Stefanini’s application management services are relevant to those faced time, resource and efficiency issues. Our AMS clients have reduced technical debt and achieve long-term maintainability.

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Application Portfolio Management

We determine operational requirements, measure meta-models to define application architecture, and manage alignment business and IT needs for successful implementation.

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The goal of application security is to integrate management tools into the application development and update cycles. Assessments and testing offers complete visibility into apps, vulnerabilities and remediation efforts.


  • Applications are classified by threat level and business function to evaluate their vulnerabilities.
  • Controls can be customized by application
  • Empowering organizations to implement rules while avoiding workflow disruptions
  • App controls enable unique approaches to threat monitoring

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